Dr. Ben Bova not only writes about the future; he has helped to create it. The author of more than 130 futuristic novels and nonfiction books, he has been involved in science and high technology since the very beginnings of the space program. President Emeritus of the National Space Society and a past president of Science-fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Dr. Bova is a frequent commentator on radio and television, and a widely-popular lecturer. He has also been an award-winning editor and an executive in the aerospace industry.

He is author of 139 futuristic novels and nonfiction books.

• Involved in science and high technology since the 1950’s
• President Emeritus of the National Space Society
• Past president of Science Fiction Writers of America
• Recipient, Lifetime Achievement Award, Arthur C. Clarke Foundation
• Frequent radio and television commentator, widely-popular lecturer
• Award-winning editor and executive in the aerospace industry.
• Guest of Honor, World Science Fiction Convention 2000 in Chicago.

• Winner of the John W. Campbell Award for TITAN in 2006.


Just a quick note to say the the MOVIE rights to MARS are under contract and a seasoned production crew are working on creating a movie.
More information Here! IF you want in on an early email database for info about the movie send us a note here on the CONTACT page!

The official website for the film “Ben Bova’s Mars” IS live as of September 1st.

http://www.benbovasmars.com/ Stop by and signup for updates! 
Learn about the Hollywood veteran stunt coordinator who will direct the film, and the rest of the team–stay tuned for more information!”
SURVIVAL ships just in time for the holidays this year!

EARTH, another novel in the Grand Tour series is finished and at the publisher too!. We’re looking at what’s been going on at home while the human race is expanding out to the stars.

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