Benjamin William Bova died on November 29th, 2020.

Read the memory of his father written by his stepson at the link above.

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Intergalactic explorer, venture capitalist, and Casanova Sam Gunn may be gone, but his legacy lives on in his son, Sam Gunn Jr. In his first-ever adventure, Sam Gunn Jr. sets off to fulfill his father’s left-behind mission of interplanetary enterprising.
He soon learns his father’s shoes are tough to fill, but he is up for the task.

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“Looking back, it is amazing to realize how many of the stories that made my name were edited and published by Ben Bova.
Without him, I cannot say for certain that I would have had a career at all.
He won four Hugo awards in a row as Best Editor, as I recall, and deserved every one.  If he had continued to edit, I have no doubt he would have won more…
But writing was his first love, and in the 80s he returned to his own work.
His family and friends have my condolences.
I know he will be missed.”
~~George R.R. Martin

“I feel about Ben the way that “Dizzy” Gillespie, did about Miles Davis when he famously said “no him, no me” “
~~Spider Robinson

Dr. Ben Bova not only wrote about the future he helped to create it.
The author of more than 140 futuristic novels and nonfiction books he also was involved in science and high technology since the very beginnings of the space program.
He was President Emeritus of the National Space Society and a past president of Science-fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.
Dr. Bova was a frequent commentator on radio and television, and a widely-popular lecturer, teaching at Harvard and working with such film greats as George Lucas and Mel Brooks.
He also was an award-winning editor and an executive in the aerospace industry. Dr. Ben Bova passed away November 29th 2020.

He is author of 140 futuristic novels and nonfiction books.

• Involved in science and high technology since the 1950’s
• President Emeritus of the National Space Society
• Past president of Science Fiction Writers of America
• Recipient, Lifetime Achievement Award, Arthur C. Clarke Foundation
• Frequent radio and television commentator, widely-popular lecturer
• Award-winning editor and executive in the aerospace industry.
• Guest of Honor, World Science Fiction Convention 2000 in Chicago.

• Winner of the John W. Campbell Award for TITAN in 2006.


On a privately financed orbital habitat above the planet Uranus, political idealism conflicts with pragmatic, and illegal, methods of financing. Add a scientist who has funding to launch a probe deep into Uranus‘s ocean depths to search for signs of life, and you have a three-way struggle for control.
Humans can’t live on the gas giants, making instead a life in orbit. Kyle Umber, a religious idealist, has built Haven, a sanctuary above the distant planet Uranus.
He invites ”the tired, the sick, the poor“ of Earth to his orbital retreat where men and women can find spiritual peace and refuge from the world.
The billionaire who financed Haven, however, has his own designs: beyond the reach of the laws of the inner planets Haven could become the center for an interplanetary web of narcotics, prostitution, even hunting human prey.
       Ben Bova EARTH!
A wave of lethal gamma radiation is expanding from the core of the Milky Way galaxy at the speed of light, killing everything in its path.
The countdown to when the death wave will reach Earth and the rest of the solar system is at two thousand years. Humans were helped by the Predecessors, who provided shielding generators that can protect the solar system. In return, the Predecessors asked humankind’s help to save other intelligent species that are in danger of being annihilated.
But what of Earth? With the Death Wave no longer a threat to humanity, humans have spread out and colonized all the worlds of the solar system. The technology of the Predecessors has made Earth a paradise, at least on the surface. But a policy of exiling discontented young people to the outer planets and asteroid mines has led to a deep divide between the new worlds and the homeworld, and those tensions are about to explode into open war.

Award-winning writer Ben Bova returns with Power Failure, another tense political thriller starring Jake Ross, science advisor to Senator Frank Tomlinson, as they continue their complex power maneuvers in this near future science fiction novel.

Dr. Jake Ross came to Washington to try to make a difference, but he’s learned the only way to get something done in Washington, assuming your ideals survive the corrosive atmosphere, is to gather power. Ross has gathered a great deal, riding in the wake of Frank Tomlinson.
But now Tomlinson has decided to shoot for the moon. If they win, they get it all. If they lose, the game is over for Jake Ross.
In the Power trilogy, Bova’s vision of a future powered by solar satellite transmission is tantalizingly within reach.

Jake Ross Series
#1 Power Play
#2 Power Surge
#3 Power Failure
#4 Power Challenges

Ben Bova continues his hard SF Star Quest series which began with Death Wave and Apes and Angels. In Survival, a human team sent to scout a few hundred lightyears in front of the death wave encounters a civilization far in advance of our own, a civilization of machine intelligences.

These sentient, intelligent machines have existed for eons, and have survived earlier “death waves,” gamma ray bursts from the core of the galaxy. They are totally self-sufficient, completely certain that the death wave cannot harm them, and utterly uninterested in helping to save other civilizations, organic or machine.
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