The Estate of Ben Bova is pleased to announce the completion of Ben’s unfinished manuscript at the time of his passing in November 2020 of the last of the Grand Tour’s ‘planet books’, “PLUTO, THE DARK WORLD”.

With Ben’s manuscript in hand former co-author and decades long NASA engineer Les Johnson took on the daunting task of fleshing out the bare bones of what Ben had begun.
A true Bova-esqe completion with love, hate, several different ships and craft, a Cyborg, ancient aliens causing havoc and as always the human heart inserting both chasms and bridges along the way, Les has brought to life a fitting close to the planet part of the Grand Tour without trying to close all doors.

Les Johnson, as well as being a multi-book Science Fiction author and co-author of RESCUE MODE with Ben is in his “day job”, research lead on various advanced space propulsion technologies at the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.
Previously during his career at NASA, he served as the Manager for the Space Science Programs and Projects Office, the In-Space Propulsion Technology Program, and the Interstellar Propulsion Research Project.
TOR Books will be announcing a publication date later in 2024.

Currently he lives in Huntsville, Alabama.
Les can be reached at: